Spirit’s Favorite Things 2021

Give the gift of entertainment, convenience and a better quality of life with this hand-picked list from the Spirit Home Care team.

Dec 17, 2021

 Still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for mom or dad this season (or just wanting to treat yourself)? The team at Spirit Home Care has you covered. We’ve made our list, checked it twice and now present to you Spirit’s Favorite Things 2021!

Below you’ll find our favorite holiday gift ideas. Aimed at significantly enhancing quality of life, this year’s selections are sure to get a smile from any recipient.

Apple AirTag
$29 (1 Pack); $99 (4 Pack)

If you or a loved one have a knack for losing things, Apple’s AirTag can help keep belongings safe and secure. Attach this tracker to keys, bags, wallets, remote controls and other valuables to track their location using an iPhone. It’s also convenient for finding a parked car or lost pets. For caregivers, stick one to a medical box and ping its audible speaker as a medicine reminder.


Amazon Echo Show 8

With an 8” HD touchscreen, stereo speakers and an auto-framing camera, the Echo Show 8 is perfect for keeping families connected over video calls. The device gives access to calendars and reminders, step-by-step cooking instructions, access to streaming services like Netflix and Spotify, and more.

Plus, Amazon’s new Alexa Together service ($19.99/month) provides extra features, including a professional monitoring service, optional fall detection capabilities and the ability for caregivers to receive notifications related to their loved one’s activities.


“Tell Me Your Life Story” Guided Journal and Memory Keepsake Book
$8.95 (Paperback); $16.95 (Hardcover)

Do you know your family’s story? “Tell Me Your Life Story” journals, available for mothers, fathers and grandparents, ask over 200 questions that capture experiences. They help reinforce memory and preserve wisdom for future generations.


Fidget Blanket
$8.95 (Paperback); $16.95 (Hardcover)

Individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia show anxiety or agitation in their hands, occasionally fidgeting and restlessly pulling at clothes or blankets. Fidget blankets may help restore calm. The online craft shop Etsy is full of artisans who specialize in creating these comfort devices. Alternatively, you can home make one of your own for an extra special touch.

SMPL Music Player

In the age of streaming music, we have 24/7 access to our favorite songs and artists through smartphone apps. Those who are technologically or cognitively impaired, however, can’t so easily enjoy the music they love. Until now. The SMPL Music Player relies on simple technology to make music accessible to everyone. Easily add one’s favorite songs (or listen to the preloaded classics). Then, lift the lid to play and lower it to stop. It’s the world’s easiest to use music player!



GoGo gives older adults access to rideshare services like Uber and Lyft without the need for a smartphone. First, subscribers call GoGo from a registered landline or cell phone and request a ride (or meal or grocery delivery) to any destination. Then, GoGo matches them with drivers who have experience transporting riders with visual, ambulatory, cognitive and dexterity impairments. Finally, they monitor the ride and send text message updates to emergency contacts.

Self-Watering Planters

Self-watering pots radically simplify caring for indoor plants, especially for those incapable of maintaining them themselves. Enjoy the health and environmental benefits of indoor plants without the need for a green thumb! Many planters can provide adequate water for 10 days or more, making it a perfect “to do” for Spirit caregivers during a routine visit.

Coloring Book for Seniors

Coloring is a meditative activity that helps keep the brain active and alert while reducing stress and passing the time when alone. Coloring books were exclusively children’s domain until adults got in on the fun in recent years. Now, books for older adults, with designs that are easier to see and wider coloring areas, are hot commodities. Art Therapy offers several editions for the artist in your life.